Deploying to all the clouds with Serverless Framework

In my last post, I described how my colleague Ian Cole and I implemented some web scraping code to wrangle aircraft photos into Tableau. One possible approach was a serverless function (i.e. a snippet of cloud-hosted code that executes on-demand) to retrieve a photo of a particular aircraft in response to a click on the

Visualizing a story buried in FAA data

I’m a historical aviation nut, so when I recently looked for some public data to play with, I turned to the FAA’s database of all civilian aircraft registered in the United States. My curiosity paid off because my first foray into that data led to an interesting topic for viz on Tableau Public. This post

Tableau Public embed test

Below is a viz I published on Tableau Public viz and embedded in this blog post to demonstrate the ability to easily enhance web pages with interactive data visualizations. It also takes advantage of Tableau’s Device Designer to optimize the layout for mobile devices. View this page on a mobile phone and notice how the