Tableau Public embed test

Below is a viz I published on Tableau Public viz and embedded in this blog post to demonstrate the ability to easily enhance web pages with interactive data visualizations. It also takes advantage of Tableau’s Device Designer to optimize the layout for mobile devices. View this page on a mobile phone and notice how the

Adventures in Tableau Server device type analysis

I work on a team that builds Tableau dashboards for hundreds of users spread across the US. We’ve been looking at ways to improve our overall user experience, and have started investigating how many users are accessing our dashboards via desktop vs. mobile devices. Our goal was to make a data-driven decision about how much

Job interview exercise: How do you juggle priorities?

I recently came up with a job interview exercise to explore how engineering team candidates approach juggling priorities. This can be especially helpful for junior candidates who don’t have as much experience to draw upon to answer a question like “Tell me about a time when your team faced multiple conflicting priorities, and how you approached deciding how to spend

NPR One: A mostly awesome news party for your ears

The new NPR One app has all the makings to be my new best friend. My favorite news source enters the world of algorithmically personalized streaming media apps! Public broadcasting meets Pandora! Everything a busy, smartphone-enabled NPR addict like me could want, right? Almost. It skips something important on its way to the personalization party. The